Gearing up for our first British Champs game, The Rode Warrior reflects on what her first game means to her… 

So in a few hours time I get to play my first Champs game with my team. Saying “my team” means a great deal to me. I’m conscious of sounding slightly cheesy here, so sorry. However becoming part of this team, and competing alongside them, has been a difficult long journey.

Within four months of joining OWG a suspected injury turned out to be something more suspicious, which made me take a year and a half off roller derby. I never felt I wouldn’t come back, and was always made to feel welcome, but it was a struggle. It took me a lot longer to get back to fitness then I thought. So it was sometimes difficult to stay motivated.

Now finally I get to play a game with my team. I’m so excited. I’m nervous. I’m worried that I won’t play well.

But I know they all have my back, because they always have.

You can watch OWG take on Eastbourne on Sunday 15th April, in Milton Keynes.