Founded in 2010, Oxford Wheels of Gory Roller Derby is a hardworking, inclusive roller derby league based in Oxfordshire. We’ve previously competed in British Championships, and focus on fostering a supportive, safe, and ambitious team environment. Most of our training sessions take place at the Park Sports Centre, Wheatley, with Thursday sessions in Abingdon.


We split our training by skill and ability level, so you’re never out of your depth. In Wheatley on a Tuesday, we have free skate, open to members of all levels. Coaches are often on hand to help out our rookie skaters, and all other skaters are asked to be mindful of the space they may need to build confidence.

Thursday sessions begin with a free skate, followed by an hour for contact ready, and an hour for scrim ready. Our minimum skills-passed skaters welcome to the entire session. On Sundays we all train together, with different drills for rookies and contact+.

What do all these terms mean?

Rookie: A new skater working towards their basic skills.

Contact: Skaters who have completed their basics, and are ready to start developing their ability to give and take hits. Contact + refers to skaters at this level or higher.

Scrim ready: At this point, most of your minimum skills will be signed off. At scrim ready level, we’re looking for you to develop track awareness and team strategy.

Minimum Skills Passed: Congrats! You made it. You’re now able to take part in all drills, scrims, and are eligible to be rostered for games.

Training Times and Locations:

Tuesday 7-9pm – Park Sports Centre, Wheatley

Thursday 6:15-9:15pm – John Mason School, Abingdon

Sunday 3-6pm – Park Sports Centre, Wheatley

Fancy giving it a go? Find out when our next taster day is or get in touch.

Oxford Wheels of Gory welcome all skaters for whom women’s flat track roller derby is the version and composition of roller derby with which they most closely identify. We welcome officials of all genders.